Training & Rehabilitation

Sometimes it can be good to have a horse in professional training for a period. The starting of a horse can be a reason, or to give a rehabilitation process a push. For regular students I do offer a short stay, e.g. for your vacation.


Due to its focus on biomechanics, the art of riding can help to develop all kinds of horses.

During the last years I specialised on rehabilitation training of horses that due to illness or former career (e.g. as a trotter), or a special character are in need of a special care. The training is not depending on a breed, it is meant for the horse you love and need support with.


In particular harmed horses of both, physical or psychological, a longer period of  professional training has to be considered, and clear goals for future healthy body should be made.


Additionally to the art of riding, I have studied equine osteopathy & energetic work. This way, I get an even deeper insight into the equine body and metabolism than the art of riding is already providing. 


From Autumn 2019, we have our own little farm in 9050 Storsteinnes, Balsfjord.
You are welcome to ask for a training options!

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