Courses & Residential Coaching

You are welcome to participate in my lessons on each level and  develope alongside with your horse.


2020 -Clinics in Tennes, Tromsø

 Welcome to the Art of Riding in northern Norway!

23.-24. Mai  -  Focus on Groundwork, Lungework, Handwork
27.-28. June - Sidemovements 

09.-12. July  - Summer Camp Fokus on the seat!

We start at 9 o'clock with a get together, to discuss your wishes for you and your horse. Each rider has 3 single lessons, two saturday, one sunday. 
We have lunch & theory midday together and finish the course Saturday around 19. Sunday, we meet again at 9 o'clock for introduction & theory. All riders have sinlge lessons and we end with a homework  around 15 together.

Price: Riders 3000 NOK / Theory 450 NOK  incl. Lunch on Saturday


Book a Clinic @ Your place

You can book me remote for a Day Clinic, a Weekend Clinic or some intensive study days at your place and organize your course @ your home. You are as an organizer are responsible for smooth organized weekend according to your wishes and a lot of fun. Topics are e.g.: 

  • Bodywork - for a better communication of human & horse

  • Biomechanics in Goundwork

  • Biomechanincs in Riding
  • Unterstanding the Secondary Aids 

  • Advanced Groundwork & Lunging 

  • Understanding the Aids - Riding

  • Seateducation 1 - 3: Schooling your Feeling & Balance

  • Collection & Forward



Celina & Mio, half pass
Celina & Mio, half pass

I offer lessons, coachings and equine osteopathy in and around the area of Tromsø, Norway.  You live remote? Test the online lesson!
This offer is for you if you are interested in:

  • a fine communication  with a horse that is happy to work with you
  • wishing for soft movements and a horse reacting lightly on your aids
  • want to develop your skills as a rider, e.g. seat education
  • you want to learn about lungeing, groundwork and in-hand work
  • you want to keep your horse happy & healthy
  • your horse has health issues and you want to rehabilitate
  • you want to start a horse.

Single Lesson AAOR (30 min):  600 NOK (plus travel coasts if at your farm.)

Equine Osteopathy:(appr. 2 hours time): 1400 NOK / 140 €


Residentials / Week Students

Residential Students

As a residential student you spend an intensive period together with your horse. Take some time of to dive into the art of riding. Discover new insights about you, your horse and your communication. I am offering selected dates for residentials in both countries, Germany and Norway.

Germany, Porta Westfalica:
29. April - 3. Mai 2019, 23.-29.Sept. 2019

Norway, Balsfjord:
Welcome to our farm! We are open for individual appointements.

For your horse, a paddock  / field will be arranged. You are responsible for taking care of your horse yourself, help with the feedings can be arranged.




Based on the philosophy of the Academic Art of Riding, I believe that education should be accessible to everybody. Therefore, you have  the opportunity to live with us for a period of time as a working student / intern. The minimum period of stay is 6 weeks.


You can apply to be a working student if
  • you are at least 20-years-old
  • you have a horse and can bring it with you
  • you are able to have a basic communication in english as well

As a working student, you take care of all the stable chores and the horses, beginning at 7:00 o'clock in the morning and ending at 20:00 o'clock in the evening, 7 days per week. You have to be well organized, motivated and responsible to get the work done.


As a working student you receive 3 to 4 lessons per week and are welcome to join the other students lessons, clinics and daily Trainings for free. Furthermore, you have free accomodations, which includes your own bedroom and a private bathroom. You will have to provide for your own meals.


Please send me your application via mail including a CV, a picture of you and a short letter of motivation.

Looking forward to meeting you! 

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