Thank you........

.... for a fantastic Weekend with our Focus on horses.


Bent Branderup as a wonderful teacher, interessted riders on different Levels and a fantastic audience.

Some impressions about the Weekend you find 



Looking Forward for next year 09./10.02.2019 !

Academic Art of Riding goes... Australia

This late summer, I got guests from Australia.

I am used to have guests from all over Europe in the mean time, but Austalia made me a bit nervous, I have to say.

Anyway, it was a wonderfull time and I enjoyed sharing experiances and lessons.

Trying to connect horse experts from all over the world for the horses benefit, we had a connecting topic.

You should check her Webpage and Project:

And if you would like to read the Review of her stay in Germany, click here, too.


Day Clinic Bent Branderup
Saturday | 6. Februar 2016 |  9:00

Bent Branderup,  Grand Master of the Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding, will share his knowledge with us one day.

Clinic Schedule:
9:00        Theory I
10-14      Riding Lessons for 8 practical participants

14-15      Lunch

15-16      Theory II

16-20      Riding Lessons II for 8 practical participants

A simple lunch and coffee is included in the price.
Price for participation without a horse / theory : 80 €

Please fill in the application form and / or contact me via email

Enjoy the journey

Under that headline two groups of motivated students startet their journey into the art of riding.
We started at the start, to find out not only about technical details in working together with a horse, but as well schooling your feeling for your horse and your own body.
All of us have learned over and over again - that the mistake is always deep down in basics and this is where we have to look at. And, even more important, how clear the mirror is your horse is showing you.
We had nice, tricky, sad, exiting, wonderfull and funny moments with each other, when all of us could learn from and with each other. For me, it was an honour and pleasure to teach you, but at the same time, you teached me.
I'm looking forward to follow your ways in the future.
And because what started as an experiment in 2013 was so sucessfull, I will offer again a new group of students in 2016 to join the educational programm. Never mind if you are a experienced or a total new beginner, a rider or hand-worker, your horse is a shettland pony or a 25 years old - it is never to early to make a change.
I'm looking forward to your application! Mehr Infos




Home Clinic

November 7/8 2015

Four times a year, I am offering you a weekend clinic at my home.

The special part is, that we can have a look at my own horses during the theory and I can offer you a look into my own work.

The clinic is open for 8 riders and additional theory participants.

Each rider has 3 individuel lessons, two on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Three theory lessons are rounding the picture.

You are welcome to apply and write me an email

September 2015

Bodyawareness - Bodywork
Riding is like walking....... so let's train walking!

For a better communication between horse and human the awareness of the own body is essential. Intention and message need to accord, to send the horse a coherant message.

Next to practical work with the horse we will use the expertise of  a Fendenkrais and Salsa teacher. We will discover our body, find stiffnesses and loosen up old blocks within your body.

We are looking forward to an amazing workshop in September :-)

More Information and Application


August 2015

The annual Summer Academy is a meeting for discussion, further education and networking for all members of the Knighthood of the Academic Art of Riding.
As each year, we enjoyed the stay and the come together with collegues and friends from all over Europe.
Inspired from good lectures and discussion, I will continue my work @home.

June 2015

On May 17th, we were offering a workshop about bodyawareness, the riders seat and the horse as a mirror.

Each of you has heard that you have to find the excersice in your own body before you ask the horse..... and each of you knows that this is not as easy as it sounds :-)

We have been playing with each other, looking at our effect on a horsesbody and than kept a closer look to our selves.

My teacher and friend Giulia Casalla, has helped me out. Using movements of Feldenkrais and Salsa, she helped us into our own rhythm and the feeling of leading and beeing led.

We were planning to give you the possibility to take a look into our planned bodywork week in September - and the day outstriped our own expectations and the expectations of all participants, too.

Because of that, and because there were tripple as many request as expectet, we will repeat the workshop Saturday, June 13th.

If you still want "more", join us in September for an outstanding week.
Looking forward seeing you :-)

May 2015

The riding arena got fresh color!

Lovely to work in a nice looking place again :-)

Now we only seek for the right pictures to give the riding house the last "Touch".

Things are starting to happen at our new home, and I am happy and honoured to have fantastique and wonderful neighbours, who are helping out whereever we need help!

It's good to be here!

The boys have moved into their new home :-)

Finally, I can keep them again in my preferred way- an open stable.

In the meantime, their hayrack has arrived to and they enjoy there time in their new house - which is nearly bigger than mine.
And don't be scared - Princess Segovia got a doubble appartement with a very nice balcony, too :-)

Next project will be building herb boxes for all of them, an idea i got from a fellow trainer we visited on our latest Trainer Workshop in the Netherlands.

February 2015

Moving across Europe is a little bit more exiting and intensiv than I expected, I have to confess.

But the first Workshops and Clinics we have already managed at the new place, and a friend of mine put it in a nutshell in saying: Oh, your German is getting more fluent again. Slowly, carefully and correctly we are settling in and are going back to "business as usual".
At the end of February, the doors are open again for Weekstudents and Interns, and on February 28th my normal clinic schedule is starting again with a clinic in Oslo, Norway.

You are now welcome to come as a weekstudent or to join one of the open Weekends here at the farm.

If you are interested in joining the team as a working student, I have a free spot to offer starting in May.

You should be at least 20 years, with a bright smile and and like to work in a team. You can bring your own horse and, best, car. You receive your own appartement and accomondation for your horse as well as regular lessons. For more information, please check here or send me an email :-)
Looking forward hearing from you.

January 2015

I will start my year not only with moving back to Germany, but as well with two weeks full of education at Bent Branderups place in Denmark.

Segovia and I will attend some lessons in the first week, and in our second week, the annual trainer meeting will happen.

I am looking forward to meet old and new friends within the trainer family again. What a nice way to start the year :-)

December 2014

One always has to know when a stage comes to an end. If we insist on staying longer than the necessary time, we lose the happiness and the meaning of the other stages we have to go through.

Closing cycles. Not because of pride, incapacity or arrogance, but simply because that no longer fits your life. Stop being who you were, and change into who you are.

- Paolo Coelho


A new year is starting, and therefore a new chapter in our lives.

Opening a new chapter inevitably means closing the former one.

In January 2015 I am opening new and exiting chapter in my live.  I am moving to Germany starting my own place.

That neccessarily means to that I have to leave Gotland and Gotland's Riding Academy and close this cycle of my life.

If gratitude is the key to abundance, I feel very rich about the time well spent there. Developing as a rider, teacher and person  and finding a second family made Ekeskogs to a place called home for me.

Though, we will continue cooperating. I will continue teaching @ Ekeskogs 4 times a year, and Hanna will consult me back home in Germany, too.


Looking forward to seeing you in Germany!




October 2014


I managed to loose my favorite cell phone - so, if you are trying to reach me, try my new number:




Thank you!

August 2014

An intensive summer @ Lindegaard is beyond us.

Segovia did her first trip for lessons to the masters place, giving company to Despino. The two of them have been very much in love this summer ;-)

As usual, Bent was a never ending source of knowledge.

We have been working mostly with the riders skills of helping the horse to find stellning, the halts out of the riders set and bending each angle of the haunches and the advantages and borders of a more schooled walk in daily work.
End and highlight was like each year for sure Summer Academy, where the Knighthood is invited to meet and Bent is giving an actual update of his own work and developement. Each member is always invited to share experiences with friends and collegues all over Europe, too.

As I have been updating my squire level this year, I was allowed to sign into the book of the knighthood - now I am number 114 in the big black book ;-)

Back home at Gotland's Ridingacademy, I will do my very bet to share all new insights with my students and horses who have been staying at home taking care of everything and giving me the opportunty to head of for 5 weeks of education. Thank you!

July 2014

One of my biggest wishes came suddenly true: Segovia, a ten year old spanish mare that I am training since the end of 2012, suddenly became my own horse. My collegue, friend and teacher Hanna Engström has given her to me - "beacause there are things in life you do not rip apart again". Thank you Hanna, I promise to always do my very best to take care of our little special girl.

More about the little princess you can find here.

Welcome to Ekeskogs

Lotte has been visiting our morning training @ Ekeskogs this years spring in May again and taken a lot of beautiful pictures.....

Soon she is ready with sorting out....... and we will upload them here :-)

Just a bit more patience :-)

MAY 2014


We are starting to schedule the clinics for 2015 all over Europe.

Please contact me or the office @ Ekeskogs for further information or to confirm your bookings.


Furthermore, we will soon put out the event schedule for our place in Germany.

It is staying exiting ;-)


If you want to stay updated - get my newsletter.

Looking forward seeing you!


Annual Trainer Meeting in Lindegaard!

We had a wonderful inspiring Liscensed Trainer Meeting at Bent Branderups place in Lindegaard.....
One more time choosen as a part of the Trainer team 2014, we feel more and more like a family in Denmark.
The annual liscensed Trainer Meeting is not only to be seen as a continuing education, but as well as a supervision. Bent is giving us some advice on the journey, and shares his latest thoughts and developments with us.
More and more important are the Pre-Meetings of the Trainers, where we are sharing our ideas and thoughts about latest developments. Right now, a matter that concerns all of us very much, is the education you are giving to your horse or student before we are starting to care about gymnastics.
We will have several workshops sharing our thoughts throughout the year concerning this topic.
How wonderful, to meet the family!
AND: CLINICSCHEDULE 2014 is online! Check OUT

Internship @ Ekeskogs

Out of unforeseen circumstances, we are looking for a new intern @Ekeskogs, starting as soon as possible.
The period available is until July, with the possibility to stay longer.

You are welcome to bring your own horse, but if you are coming from another continent and do not have the possibility, we can offer you to train with one of our schooled horses.

You will take care together with the other interns of the horses needs and the routines on the farm, be part of our regular morning training, the other students lessons and our regular clinics as well as having three private lessons per week.
You are staying together with the 3 other people working on the farm in an own house, sharing the common areas like kitchen, bathroom and livingroom but having a private room for yourself as well.

If you want to take the chance to develop further in the Academic Art of Riding and train together with the other people on the farm and two liscenced Bent Branderup Trainers, please contact us either on FB or write an email to:
Languages on the farm are English, Swedish and German.
More Information about the internships, the farm and the team you will find here:

We are looking forward to meeting you.
Hanna & Celina

Mio, my Mio


At the start of autumn, in October 2013, I got a new little horse.

Mio is a beautiful strong minded 3 year old spanish stallion.

He is getting his own video diary, where you can visit him once in a while and follow his education.


Mio's Diary

December 14th-15th, 2013


Bent is teaching the last clinic of the year as usual @Ekeskogs.


We are very happy to welcome students and participants from all over Europe on Gotland. Therfore, the clinic is in english.


You are welcome to join us, as well for the Education Week before :-)


More Information


This year it has started in Finland, Germany and Denmark.
For you, the international program will start 2014! More about the education and structure you will get at the open eavening! Read more about it on the homepage.
You are welcomed to join! If you are interessted in the Education Program, please contact us.


As deeper education is the reason for a riding academy, Celina offers @ Ekeskogs to book a private training for at least 4 weeks. The Academy is offering the student an "own" horse for this time and an appartement for a very special price! Contact us for possible dates.

We are open to take training horses.
Do you want your horse to be well-educated from the beginning?
Do you have a horse who needs to be reeducated/rebuild proper?
We are happy to help you.


We had a lot of interessting visitors this year, and just three quaters passed until now ;-)

One that I enjoyed most was the Photographer Lotte Lekholm, who took some pics during my very normal morning routines.


Have a look here.... and thank you very much, Lotte:-)

More Information about Lotte you can find here

Long Term Education / Study Group

Starting in Autumn 2013, in cooperation with Ekeskogs Ridingacademy we will offer a long term education, where you have the possibility to join a closed study group.


I am starting to plan an eduction group in the United Kingdom, too.

If you are interessted to join or to get more information, contact me.


Please have a look at the structure and the philosophy of this education plan.

Click here

Summer Academy 2013

Once a year, Bent Branderup is inviting the members of the Knighthood for Summer Academy.

Each year, Summer Academy is as well an educational as a social event... have a closer look here, or enjoy the little video underneath.

Internship 2013

For Ekeskogs Riding Academy in Gotland, Sweden, we are offering regular Internships.

As a part of our work is to spread the knowledge about the Art of Riding all over the world, we will offer one extra interns place starting in July for a student from a  "non-academic" country, like France, the USA or Africa.

The minimum amount for your stay is 4 month.

You can bring your own horse, or borrow a horse on Ekeskogs.


Please contact us for more Information: or


Beautiful Gotland

Each time when I am so lucky to teach in Gotland's Riding Academy,

Hanna Engström is so kind to show me and some of our international students another part of this stunning island.


After the Home Clinic on April 5/6th, she brought us to Ljugarn, one of the most awesome beaches I have ever seen.

Stone, kalk and sand beachea are just some meters away from each other.

A beautiful place.....


Visit us in Gotland's Riding Academy for one of the upcoming Events and discover this beautiful island....

March 2013

In March 2013, a group of interessted people in Germany invited me to introduce them to the ideas and ideals of the Academic Art of Riding - and to give them an idea, how we "the Art of Riding" looks in every day live.


Thanks, guys, it was a pleasure.

I am looking forward to the upcominc Weekend Clinic with you in May.


Jane made some pictures too.....

Have a look.

February 2013

In 2012, we have started to establish a liscensed trainer system for the Academic Art of Riding, to give our students and other people interessted an easier opportunity to find a fitting and qualified Trainer for themselves.

Most of the liscensed Bent Branderup Trainers are even willing to travel worldwide for lessons.


I feel very honored that Bent Branderup has chosen me as one of his liscensed Trainers.


more Information


January 2013

For the first term of 2013, Hanna Engström and I have scheduled a bunch full of Events and Clinics at Ekeskogs Riding Academy.


Everybody will find something their fitting to their wishes - special seat clinics, a clinic introducing you into the Academic Art of Riding, and for the first time a home clinic at Ekeskogs.


Of course we are open for regular Weekstudents and the Education Weeks as well. Their we can make the schedule fitting to your personal needs only ;-)

Instructions are given in German, Swedish and English, depending on your wishes.


Feel free to check the new Homepage of Ekeskogs and all the tempting possibilities for 2013:





Welcome to Lindegaard, home of Bent Branderup and the Academic Art of Riding.....Come in.

Branderup by Stübben

Dedicated to the Art

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