Online Lessons

You are interested in online-lessons? This offer is for you if you do not have the opportunity to see a teacher regularly, are too far out from clinics, you want to have a check up in between clinics or if you love to get my feedback on a certain topic that keeps you busy right now.

Check as well my blog for some technical tips how to make online lessons smooth :-)

I do offer you two different options:


1. Send me a video of a work session (up to 20 min), and you get my feedback  and ideas how to continue developement written down step-by -step.

2. You have a live online lesson (30min) . For that to work, you need a smart phone with a stable connection, Skype on your phone and a bluetooth headset in your ear.  This way, you get an instant feedback and we can work on details together, and there is no downside to real live.

Your online Options

Single Coaching

This offer is good for testing if this offer is for you, if you cannot travel with your horse, if you feel you need input NOW or for a homework check-up in between clinics.
Investment: 60€ / 600 NOK

60,00 €

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Online Weekstudent

Week student- Package:

This is for you, if you want to do a bit more. One week of lessons, one lesson each day!
Or even two lessons per day!
Investment: 300€  / 3000 NOK or 600€ for the intensive week.


Online Weekstudent

300,00 €

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Online Flex

Maximum Flexibility:
If you are in a period of struggle, or you just want to have continuity in your approach - than this is for you.
Book a package of 4, 8 or 12 lessons, that you use in a time frame of 2 weeks up to half a year, starting from the day of your first lesson, 1 lesson per week.

Investment: 240€, 440€ (8 lessons) / 660 € (12 lessons) - 30 min / lesson

Online Weekstudent

240,00 €

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