Autumn 2014


Autumn 2014


It took me now nearly half a year to get something like a basic controll of Mios hormones.

After the summer break, we had to go through some parts of his basic education again. He could remember all the basic postions and aids, but has lost capacity of focus and concentration.


Even worse, he could not stand having me standing in a groundwork position without trying to bite in which ever part of me he could reach.


So basicly I am starting to work with him after half a year of education where I am usually starting with a youngster ;-)


The lack of socialisation in his youth is getting very clear, too.

I am lucky that he has a strong mind and sometimes and intressting attitude, but is kind at the same time. We are able to keep him still as a stallion, but still in a group of geldings as well.

I hope that he will take the move to Germany easy and the change of environment is not changing his attitude there.

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