Meeting Mio

Meeting Mio for the first time is a quite impressing moment.

He is a strong minded, lovely, totally uneducated and a bit wild spanish guy of 3 years, who considers humans as really scary - though he is a very brave horse otherwise. And he is a very intense horse.
As a dog trainer, I would describe him staring at you, comparable to the gaze of a Border Colli herding.


He arrived at the end of September 2013 at his new home and is keen on having his own little video diary. His first was filmed two weeks later.


Strongly believing that the horse has to considers you as a friend and treat you with loving respect, he is learning the important things for our future relationship right now:


Comming on my whistle, listening, beeing touched and first of all - not beeing afraid of me.

And than we will continue with leading on a halter and standing, giving hoofes and brushing....


You are welcome to meeting Mio, and to follow him at the start of his new life. He will update his diary regularly  :-)

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