Mio, my Mio

I was not planning to buy a horse, especially not a three year old stallion.....

Actually, I was checking the web for a Lusitano breeding stallion for one of Hannas fantastic Lusitano mares.


And than I found the pics of Mio.

Actually, his name was Sauron, and he was announced of beeing a little bit special and strong minded.

Probably, if I would not be attracted by the pics you see above already - at the latest now I would have been ;-)


After some days of not sleeping, I asked for a video of the little boy.

Buying a horse in the Internet - how stupid can you be..... You do not only have good experiances about that ;-)


Thanks here to Valerie, who has managed the spanish side quiete well.


Watching the Video and some more sleepless nights - it was already decided.

Sauron had to move from spain to me....


I was pretty exited.


So, in October 2014, he arrived.

And amazed me immediatly, when he walked out of the truck  at the pick-up station on the new trailer with me, knowing me 5 minutes, as if he has done nothing else ever before....


Soon, we found out:

he is not afraid of anything but humans ;-)


And he is smart, and beautiful, and clever - and special indeed ;-)


Welcome home, Mio. I am glad I found you.

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