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While dealing with horses, we believe to  know many things from experience, some we have observed since generations. Empirical knowledge is often passed down through generations. But what do these observations mean? How do we interpret this practical and empirical knowledge?  


Equitation science is a reasonably young, but steadily growing field of science.  Over the last two decades, the interest in horses as domestic animals has moved on from questions of health and disease, to husbandry, behavioral sciences, the physiological and biological bases of equine behavior, and last, but not least, the role the biopsychology of the horse plays for the horse – human relationship.


The idea for a blog on equitation science combining the perspective of a horse trainer, riding teacher, and horse therapist with scientific knowledge was born out of a coincidental meeting in a horse stable in Tromsø during a treatment session. Both authors advocate evidence based horse training as well as experience and practice informed science. Both authors believe, that the most important fundament of horse training lies in the unequivocal acceptance of the horses’ nature. Born out of  love for horses, the blog aspires to provide a non-emotionally biased evidence based approach to the horses world.  Enjoy the Journey!



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