English · 01. Dezember 2019
The neurological bases for the relaxing effects of the massage for horses. About social grooming and how your touch is affecting the equine system and the relationship in between horse & human.

English · 17. November 2019
The "Wellness for horses" series gives you a better understanding for the equine body, and softer touch and a better relationship to your horse. Today focus is on the equine neck. Welcome!

English · 10. November 2019
Wellness for horse. For feeling into, meeting and a "more" in your relationship. The start of the "wellness for ponies" series. Enjoy!

English · 03. November 2019
Where's a will, there's a way. How living remote does not need to limit the access to lessons.

English · 29. September 2019
When it is about horse training, it is all about communication. Today, I would like to share some thoughts how the human mindset is influencinf human-horse interaction. And about the ability to change it.

English · 16. Juni 2019
If you want to straighten up your horse, there is no way around working the lateral movements. One milestone to conquer is the haunches-in. Start discovering it from the ground!

English · 27. Mai 2019
Searching for more efficancy? Start taking breaks!

English · 11. Mai 2019
I do like horses Have I mentioned that? Just in case I did not – I do like horses. I need them as I need air. I can live without riding, but not without horses. I need the soft nose, the brown eyes, their beautiful grace when they move outside on the field. The little sounds of delight when brushing a good spot or when they consider me a good rider. I love that. I love spending time with them. I am a horse trainer. I am naïve. As long as I am doing this job, I do need to hold on my naivety....

English · 14. April 2019
Groundwork is a huge topic. Starting with the question, what groundwork actually is. And depending on who you’re asking, answers will be extremely different. For some, groundwork covers mainly some basic handling. Others are including lunging and walking out in the terrain by it. Again, others are seeing horsemanship in it. All of that has it own importance. In academic art of riding, we want to go beyond. Already on the ground, we work with bending, stellning and framing. We would like to...

English · 01. April 2019
Bodywork - a super rich tool. As a foundation for groundwork, enrich your communication or awareness training.

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